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The weeks fly quickly here at Katitawa

Today two of our volunteers are leaving for Europe. Nina Markl from Austria has spent the last nine weeks at Escuela Katitawa & Biblioteca Rosa Maria and Maria Pedersen from Denmark has been here for five weeks.

Every day Nina has been taking good care of the library. Besides having taught English, German or what ever else is needed, when people drop in for classes at Biblioteca Rosa Maria, Nina has had a group of adult students coming in for English classes all nine weeks.
At Escuela Katitawa she has been one of the volunteers, who work with one of our lovely kids in preschool. Inti has among other things improved his knowledge of Spanish, colours and different shapes.

Maria has been helping with maths classes in group 2 and 3. The kids have benefited from the extra attention and have made good progress. Besides teaching at the school every morning, she has also been a great help at the library in the evenings.

Not only did she give English classes, but she has also been run…

One went south, the other went north

Last Friday Krystal from The United States went home and the Friday before Amaia from Spain travelled to Peru. Amaia Sanchez has been at Escuela Katitawa for six weeks. After being a helping teacher in group 2 the first couple of days, Amaia took on the task of being their primary teacher with great enthusiasm. Group 2 has learnt a lot over the last weeks eg. in math where all of them are getting better and better at "mas y menos" etc. Besides teaching, Amaia also helped our cook Virgina, as often as she had time. She travelled to Peru, where she is meeting new friends, who also volunteered here at Katitawa. Krystal Kuehl stayed here at Katitawa for two months and did a variety of jobs. Through out the 8 weeks she took care of the garden and did valuable researched about different plants, herbs and vegetables. Beside the garden, Krystal worked with the preschool kids, taught in group 1, helped with the music classes and did the layout for the nine meter long "thea…
Yesterday it was the 1st December and the countdown for Christmas also started here at Escuela Katitawa. We surprised the children with two of the european christmas traditions; an advent wreath, which is a wreath decorated with spruce, christmas ornaments and four candles one for each of Sundays of advent. And a Christmas calendar; a calendar with 24 presents, one for each day counting down to Christmas eve on the 24th of December. Every day, one of the children receives a bag with small presents (mainly sweets). Each bag has a name and a number (date) on them and after a few minutes all the kids knew on which day in December it is their turn. When the first bag was opened everyone watched with great anticipation! As we have 21 children at the school, the headmaster, our cook and Roberto are also the lucky recipients of a Christmas calendar gift.

Group 1's primary teacher is now travelling the rest of the world

After two months at Katitawa Elisa Bianchi has moved on from Katitawa. For the majority of the time she was Group 1's primary teacher but she also helped out with other classes if necessary. Thanks to her good humour and her great relationship with the kids she managed to encourage and motivate them to learn. As a result they all made great progress.

Preschool teacher has moved on

Last week, volunteer Joshua Pearse (Australia) moved on from Katitawa to continue travelling. For the past weeks he was the primary teacher of the preschool. With his help the children made great progress and are now more interested than ever in working and learning. Needless to say that they miss him already. In addition to working in the school all day, Joshua was always there to help with evening classes in the library.

November 11th. Happy Birthday Katitawa School. 17 Years Old Today.

It is hard to believe that two years have gone by since we celebrated the Big Fifteen. It really has snuck up on us, so there was no time to plan a party.  We will however have a cake and tell the story to the kids how this beautiful school came to be.

I know most of you have forgotten the date, but thanks to PayPal, there is still time to send a gift.

I promise to post some pictures of the small party on Tuesday night.


Buy a Brick

We have had a problem with the link to the buy a brick program.   If anyone has been trying to buy a brick....Please try this link.

Group 2's primary teacher is now volunteering in Colombia

Last Friday Quentin Tierny left Escuela Katitawa. He is now in Colombia where another school benefits from his teaching.

Quentin is from France and has for the last month been group 2`s primary teacher. He has done a brilliant job and the kids really miss him. 

He also spent many hours teaching math, English and French in the library in the afternoons and evenings.

Recent Improvements to the Biblioteca Rosa Maria!

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, the library has undergone some wonderful improvements in the last week!

Last week we began offering Hora de Leer, an hour where the kids in the community can come to the library and a volunteer will read books to them (in either Spanish or English). Our hope is to get them interested in reading; we had our first participants come in and the local children have been showing a lot of interest!
We received a generous donation from Christina and Alfredo Knowles of Centro de Imaginacion that has enabled us to make some exciting changes to the library! We have transformed one of the rooms into a game room where the local children can come to play and learn. Many of the newly donated toys also enable learning as they play, including a fake cash register with money and matching games! Local children are already coming in and using this new space, and we are excited for the opportunity that this donation has provided us! Thank you!
The donation also…

Sponsor a Teacher at Katitawa

One of our biggest concerns here at Katitawa is coming up with the money to pay the three paid people that provide the essential services that cannot be done by volunteers:

Rufino: School Director and teacher;
Virginia: Cook at the school;
Angel: Projects Manager.

Lets start with just Rufino. We would like to give him a raise. He has worked at the school since 2009 and has only received one raise.  As of August 1st he will receive another.. Now I need to make sure we have the money....And here is where we need your help.

Here is how you can help.  Become a Rufino sponsor by agreeing to a monthly donation of  as little as $10.  It is easy....Just push the Subscribe Button below.  We all thank you.  

Blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Andi Keller, Marge Fabro & Laura Pisani-Ferry.

Sponsor the Man That Does Everything

He started as a volunteer and worked up to a full-time paid position.
Any volunteer who has been here in the past five years surely remembers Angel. He works hard and long and never complains about something being too difficult. He has many talents including doing the tax declarations each month. He has a vision for the projects that we are involved with, similar to mine.

 Sometime in the future, I can see him as the General Manager of all of the Katitawa Projects. As with Virginia and Rufino, we need help paying his salary. In the modern world he almost works for nothing. Who would like to be first?

blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Marge Fabro, Laura Pisani-Ferry, Agnes Pechlaner

Meet the children of Katitawa

Many of you have been following our blog for quite some time, many of you have become donors during that time and have begun to support the children of Escuela Katitawa. It is due time you see the faces of the children for whom you are helping to provide education. Below you will find photos of each child with their name and age. Take a minute to meet each of the children. For those of you who are not yet donors, but are considering it, perhaps this will help you decide to donate to our cause!

Group One (hover over each photo for names and ages)

Group Two (hover over each photo for names and ages)

Group Three (hover over photos for names and ages)

Group Four (hover over each photo for names and ages)

The school year of 2014 will be ending in July, with a graduation ceremony to be held on July 4th at Escuela Katitawa school. This year we have one gradua