Friday, December 12, 2014

The weeks fly quickly here at Katitawa

Today two of our volunteers are leaving for Europe. Nina Markl from Austria has spent the last nine weeks at Escuela Katitawa & Biblioteca Rosa Maria and Maria Pedersen from Denmark has been here for five weeks.

Every day Nina has been taking good care of the library. Besides having taught English, German or what ever else is needed, when people drop in for classes at Biblioteca Rosa Maria, Nina has had a group of adult students coming in for English classes all nine weeks.
At Escuela Katitawa she has been one of the volunteers, who work with one of our lovely kids in preschool. Inti has among other things improved his knowledge of Spanish, colours and different shapes.

Maria has been helping with maths classes in group 2 and 3. The kids have benefited from the extra attention and have made good progress. Besides teaching at the school every morning, she has also been a great help at the library in the evenings.

Not only did she give English classes, but she has also been running this blog and our Facebook page, and documenting everything that happened in and around the school with her camera and started an image database.

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