Recent Improvements to the Biblioteca Rosa Maria!

Thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, the library has undergone some wonderful improvements in the last week!

Last week we began offering Hora de Leer, an hour where the kids in the community can come to the library and a volunteer will read books to them (in either Spanish or English). Our hope is to get them interested in reading; we had our first participants come in and the local children have been showing a lot of interest!

We received a generous donation from Christina and Alfredo Knowles of Centro de Imaginacion that has enabled us to make some exciting changes to the library! We have transformed one of the rooms into a game room where the local children can come to play and learn. Many of the newly donated toys also enable learning as they play, including a fake cash register with money and matching games! Local children are already coming in and using this new space, and we are excited for the opportunity that this donation has provided us! Thank you!

The donation also included bookcases and other furniture, which we have used to transform a formerly unused room of the library into the teaching room where we will offer math and English classes to community members. This will enable us to keep the library area with the books free for reading, in addition to providing a better learning environment for the students.

We hope that our newly updated space will be a place that community members come to access our resources so that we can make a better impact here in Salasaka.


  1. Me parece extrano el cuarto asi ! Que bueno, las cosas siguen cambiando ! Buen trabajo a todos !


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