Meet the children of Katitawa

Many of you have been following our blog for quite some time, many of you have become donors during that time and have begun to support the children of Escuela Katitawa. It is due time you see the faces of the children for whom you are helping to provide education. Below you will find photos of each child with their name and age. Take a minute to meet each of the children. For those of you who are not yet donors, but are considering it, perhaps this will help you decide to donate to our cause!

Group One
(hover over each photo for names and ages)

Jazmin, Age 4Nustra, Age 4

Rosa, Age 6Soledad, Age 5

Saya, Age 6Cristian, Age 4

Group Two
(hover over each photo for names and ages)

Estrella, Age 8

Malko, Age 7Kathi, Age 7

Group Three
(hover over photos for names and ages)

Cesar, Age 9Adrian, Age 9

Francisca, Age 9Raymi, Age 9

Group Four
(hover over each photo for names and ages)

Kevin, Age 11Wamari, Age 12

Holguer, Age 11

Ligia, Age 11Adriana, Age 12

The school year of 2014 will be ending in July, with a graduation ceremony to be held on July 4th at Escuela Katitawa school. This year we have one graduate, Wamari, who will be moving on to Colegio (or secondary school). 
We wish him all the best as he continues his studies. 

Blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Agnes Pechlaner