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What Past Volunteers Have To Say About Their Time Here.

Carmen Sobande
United Kingdom
14th Jan - 28th Jan 2010

In Sept 2009 I sent off to travel around South America in order to rediscover my 'mojo'.

In total I spent 10 1/2 months experiencing many wonderful adventures but the time which is the most precious to me was the time I spent at katitawa.

From the first day I arrived at katitawa I was bowled over by the warmth and love of the kids.

I challenge anyone who has spent time at Katitawa to think about it without smiling - it's impossible!!

I have so many lovely recollections it is difficult to pin down particular ones.

However, the way Francesca's face lit up when i drew her a mini mouse mask, Adrian's careful drawing and coloring in, Jessica's shy smile and Cezar's mischievous cheeky grin and the cries of "Carmenita" when Ron & I arrived back to take part in the football tournament.


& well done to Robert in helping to build and maintain such a…

Christmas and Birthdays....Two great times for presents.

Well it isn't Christmas yet but there is a Birthday coming up.  Katitawa School will be 15 years old on the 11th of November.

Here are some things the school does not need:  Handkerchiefs, underwear, or ties.  Just about everything else we could use.  If you don't have any ideas and need some help....How about money.  It is easy to send, and it is good for almost anything that the school is in need of.

So if you were thinking of sending a present I will make it easier for you.,  Just press the button below and I will make sure that the present is wrapped and delivered in your name on November 11.  If all of the ex-volunteers and friends  would make a $10 donation just think what a difference it would make.  (You can always send more if you like.)  We will make a donations tree with all of the names of those sending the money and where they are from.  You can be sure that we will use the money wisely.

Thanks for helping.


To All Past Volunteers,....Please help us.

We are trying to put together a complete and accurate of all of the past volunteers.

Name Country Dates you were here. A short comment about your time here.
Please send this information to

Thanks for your help.

Ryan and Lisa Left Today


An Artists Conception Of A Project That We Hope To Have Completed By November 11

This is a project that we have been talking about for several years and we are working hard to finish it by November 10.
Here is the idea....Since 2006 we have had more than 200 volunteers working here at the school, doing everything from teaching math, English, art to building walls and buildings. Sometimes we have as many 20 volunteers here ar the same time and sometimes as few as one or two, and they come from all over the world. We plan to honor these volunteers when they are here by running up their flag each morning. We never have had more than eight countries represented at the same time, therefore we will have eight poles. These poles will be removeable. If we only have two countries represented, we will fly the two country flags plus two with some colorful bunting and remove the empty poles. We also plan to have the names of each volunteer along with the date that they were here on a plaque that will be attached to the lower part of their countries pole. On this point w…

Countdown: Only 30 Days Until The Big Party.

Time is flying by and there are a thousand things to do before the big 15.  We have cut one day from the celebration to give us one day more to prepare.  The dates are now the 10th and the 11th of November.

We really need the help of the past volunteers.  If you have pictures and stories that you would like to share of your tune here send them to us.  If you know of any newspaper articles, that may have been written about the school, send us the link, or send us copies.  Many of you still stay in touch with friends you made here....Why not get together and make a video telling your experience.  Put it on Youtube and we can use it in our program.

Please send any information that you may have to a new e-mail address that we have set up for this project.

We are also working on list of all volunteers who have ever been at Katitawa with the current address and e-mail address. Please send us this information as soon as you can,  If for any reason you wa…

The First Load Of Recycle Material Of The New Year

The recycle bin is full...Time to call Angela, the recycle lady.
We took a lot of plastic off the roads and made $20.00...Not a bad trade.

T-Shirt Design....By Bec And Adrian

We have thought about, talked about and now it is about time we did something. For the 15 Anniversary of the first classes at Katitawa we will have two designs....One designed by Andrian, the winner of the design competition and the other by Bec the art teacher.

Adrian's design is not clear on this photo. I am sure you will like it, however I will have a better picture on here by Monday. Be the first to order this shirt.

Adrian's Design

SizesSmall Medium Large Extra Large
Back. I think all of the past volunteers will want at least one of these shirts, to not only keep the memories alive, but also to help cause.  You can order one or more of these high quality shirts by pushing the BUY NOW button below.

Bec's Design
SizesSmall Medium Large Extra Large

Above Ground Farming

For the past several months we have been researching the pros and cons of starting an above ground garden. With the help and technical support of Pam, a volunteer who was with us a few months ago.