An Artists Conception Of A Project That We Hope To Have Completed By November 11

This is a project that we have been talking about for several years and we are working hard to finish it by November 10.
Here is the idea....Since 2006 we have had more than 200 volunteers working here at the school, doing everything from teaching math, English, art to building walls and buildings. Sometimes we have as many 20 volunteers here ar the same time and sometimes as few as one or two, and they come from all over the world. We plan to honor these volunteers when they are here by running up their flag each morning. We never have had more than eight countries represented at the same time, therefore we will have eight poles. These poles will be removeable. If we only have two countries represented, we will fly the two country flags plus two with some colorful bunting and remove the empty poles. We also plan to have the names of each volunteer along with the date that they were here on a plaque that will be attached to the lower part of their countries pole. On this point we could use your help. We have records of most volunteers that have been here. We will compile a list and publish it here on the blog so that you can check the information for accuracy in spelling and dates.
View as you walk up the hill to the school.

For future volunteers that may be the first from their country we will ask you to bring a flag from your country. There will be no cost for this recognition; However we have no problem accepting donations if you would like to help with the cost. Please feel free to push the donate button below.