Countdown: Only 30 Days Until The Big Party.

Time is flying by and there are a thousand things to do before the big 15.  We have cut one day from the celebration to give us one day more to prepare.  The dates are now the 10th and the 11th of November.

We really need the help of the past volunteers.  If you have pictures and stories that you would like to share of your tune here send them to us.  If you know of any newspaper articles, that may have been written about the school, send us the link, or send us copies.  Many of you still stay in touch with friends you made here....Why not get together and make a video telling your experience.  Put it on Youtube and we can use it in our program.

Please send any information that you may have to a new e-mail address that we have set up for this project.

We are also working on list of all volunteers who have ever been at Katitawa with the current address and e-mail address. Please send us this information as soon as you can,  If for any reason you want to keep this information private, just let us know.


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