Christmas and Birthdays....Two great times for presents.

Well it isn't Christmas yet but there is a Birthday coming up.  Katitawa School will be 15 years old on the 11th of November.

Here are some things the school does not need:  Handkerchiefs, underwear, or ties.  Just about everything else we could use.  If you don't have any ideas and need some help....How about money.  It is easy to send, and it is good for almost anything that the school is in need of.

So if you were thinking of sending a present I will make it easier for you.,  Just press the button below and I will make sure that the present is wrapped and delivered in your name on November 11.  If all of the ex-volunteers and friends  would make a $10 donation just think what a difference it would make.  (You can always send more if you like.)  We will make a donations tree with all of the names of those sending the money and where they are from.  You can be sure that we will use the money wisely.

Thanks for helping.