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There`s A Party Going on......

Tell me about it...It is Friday the 11th of November. The 19th Birthday of Escuela Katitawa. And what is a birthday party without girts?  It is not too late.  Order now.  Nothing better than CASH.

Thank You, Katitawa.

In just 80 days we will start a new year....2017.

Two events will take place that will be note-worthy to a small group of people.  Number One....Katitawa will have its 20th Birthday and I will have my 85th....God willing.

It is heard to believe that time passes so quickly. It seems like only yesterday we were planning for the 15th.  Last week while I was reflecting on what we had accomplished over the last four years, and all of the changes that have taken place....And all the Volunteers who have passed by and left their marks on the children and me, I realized that some serious thought has to take place on what will be the plan for the future....So here is the plan.

No. One...I am proclaiming...2017 to be The Year of Katitawa.  We will write the history in words and pictures.  We will ask for input from as many people as we can find that made this project what it is today. To make this happen, I am starting today a Katitawa fundraising project that will end on November 11, 2017.  The future of Katitawa will depend on how successful…

Katitawa Up-Date

Katitawa continues to grow, as well as the classes at the Library in the afternoons and evening.  The day starts at 8:00 in the morning.  We offer classes in English, Math to anyone, any age who wants to come.  In the first month we have had five English students, (including Rufino), one for a class in Electrical Theory and Installation.....And Inti is a full time student.

In the afternoon, from 2.15 to 5:00, we have between 15 and 25.  These are mostly for homework, with a little fun and games thrown. Some of the afternoon class are alumni of the school.

The library classes are also gaining in popularity.  At present we have between 15 and 20 on a daily  basis. Mostly for on-goning English Classes.

At present we have only three volunteers so the days are long.

Coya Rymi, ....The First Day of Spring....Here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Each year at on this special day (Spring Equinox), We celebrate the ancient Inca Festival of Coya Rymi.  This year the exact day of the Equinox is on Thursday the 22nd, so we decided to have the celebration on Saturday the 24th of September so more people could attend.
The day started out with a short drizzle, but by 10 it was warm and beautiful.  About 50 people showed, and a good time was had by all.

Coya Rymi, is a celebration in honor of the Moon and a time of purification and fertility.  Here in Salasaka, even though the climate is almost the same all year, most families plant their crops during the week when the moon is full.  The celebration starts with a display in the center of the Andean Cross. This Cross was built by the Volunteers who were here about eight years ago and many will be reading this post today.

The celebration begins by putting a sampling of all the products grown here in Ecuador in the center of the cross.

The program starts with a some traditional music and…

After Two Weeks Of Classes We Are Proving A Point

The New Katitawa is working.  Each Friday we finish with more students then we had on Monday.  The word is spreading to all parts of Salasaka and mostly by word of mouth.  What we are offering is still flexible as we are trying to adapt to what the need is.  At present the age groups are from eight to 22.

Here is what a typical day looks like.

School hours are from 8:00 AM.  to 5:00 PM.  The classes are open to anyone who wants help with their homework, preparing for exams, science projects, or just to learn English, to give an example.

At present most of the students come from two until five.....After their regular school day ends, and some are ex-students from Katitawa.

Our most famous and favorite student is Inti.  He will be 12  in January and we are trying to introduce him to as many new subjects as possible.  Potus, from Sweden, introduced him to chess, using only pawns and a King.  We have also made a special place in the garden where he will decide what plants to plant and th…