After Two Weeks Of Classes We Are Proving A Point

The New Katitawa is working.  Each Friday we finish with more students then we had on Monday.  The word is spreading to all parts of Salasaka and mostly by word of mouth.  What we are offering is still flexible as we are trying to adapt to what the need is.  At present the age groups are from eight to 22.

Here is what a typical day looks like.

School hours are from 8:00 AM.  to 5:00 PM.  The classes are open to anyone who wants help with their homework, preparing for exams, science projects, or just to learn English, to give an example.

At present most of the students come from two until five.....After their regular school day ends, and some are ex-students from Katitawa.

Our most famous and favorite student is Inti.  He will be 12  in January and we are trying to introduce him to as many new subjects as possible.  Potus, from Sweden, introduced him to chess, using only pawns and a King.  We have also made a special place in the garden where he will decide what plants to plant and then then take care of them.  He is also fascinated with all kinds of bugs.  We have a small microscope in the office.  I need to get it fixed....Who knows what he will think about that.

I promise to post some pictures in the coming days.