In just 80 days we will start a new year....2017.

Two events will take place that will be note-worthy to a small group of people.  Number One....Katitawa will have its 20th Birthday and I will have my 85th....God willing.

It is heard to believe that time passes so quickly. It seems like only yesterday we were planning for the 15th.  Last week while I was reflecting on what we had accomplished over the last four years, and all of the changes that have taken place....And all the Volunteers who have passed by and left their marks on the children and me, I realized that some serious thought has to take place on what will be the plan for the future....So here is the plan.

No. One...I am proclaiming...2017 to be The Year of Katitawa.  We will write the history in words and pictures.  We will ask for input from as many people as we can find that made this project what it is today. To make this happen, I am starting today a Katitawa fundraising project that will end on November 11, 2017.  The future of Katitawa will depend on how successful we are in securing its future.

My 85th birthday is also important.  I don`t know many people who are still working when they are past 85....So, I have decided that after November 11th of 2017 I will no longer be the one who is responsible for the finances of the projects.  I will still be here, I hope, to help where I can but I will need someone to help.  These past ten years have been some of the best of my life.  It gave me meaningful work.

I would like to invite everyone who has participated in our projects here in Salasaka to become a Sustaining Member.  This would go a long way in meeting our monthly obligations and give us money to finish the new projects we have started. Think about it.   Here is your chance to become a member today.

Bronze Member
$10.00 Per Month

Silver Member
$25.00 Per Month
Gold Member
$50.00 Per Month

Thank You For Your Membership.

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  1. We just had our first Sky Member from this post. Thank you Zac from Australia. Who is a volunteer at the moment.


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