Saturday, October 8, 2016

Coya Rymi, ....The First Day of Spring....Here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Each year at on this special day (Spring Equinox), We celebrate the ancient Inca Festival of Coya Rymi.  This year the exact day of the Equinox is on Thursday the 22nd, so we decided to have the celebration on Saturday the 24th of September so more people could attend.

The day started out with a short drizzle, but by 10 it was warm and beautiful.  About 50 people showed, and a good time was had by all.

Coya Rymi, is a celebration in honor of the Moon and a time of purification and fertility.  Here in Salasaka, even though the climate is almost the same all year, most families plant their crops during the week when the moon is full.  The celebration starts with a display in the center of the Andean Cross. This Cross was built by the Volunteers who were here about eight years ago and many will be reading this post today.

The celebration begins by putting a sampling of all the products grown here in Ecuador in the center of the cross.

The program starts with a some traditional music and a folkloric dance presentation by a local dance group.

Rufino gives a brief history of  Coya Rymi. 

A side note about the dancers....Four were past students of Katitawa.  And Fabiola (Far Left) was their teacher.

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