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Afternoon Cooking / Cocinar por la tarde

On Tuesday the children wanted to cook together and had the idea to bring some eggs for the next day. After all the hard work, having english classes and doing homework, we decided the children deserve a day off. 

El Martes, los niños querian cocinar juntos y entonces para el siguiente dia, se les ocurrió traer huevos para concinarlos en la escuela. Despues que los niños se habian esforzado mucho aprendiendo Ingles y haciendo sus tareas, decidimos que ellos se merecian un dia de descanso. 

On the next day, before arriving at school, we volunteers bought the rest ingredients. As soon as we arrived up at school, the children were running to the kitchen, opened it and started cooking. The kids loved it! And everyone had so much fun cooking all together. 

Al siguiente dia, los voluntarios colaboraron con uns ingredientes para el dia de concina. Los niños estaban tan emocionados que cuando llegaron los voluntarios, immediatamente fueron a la cocina a preparar la comida. Estaban todos …

Inti's Garden / El jardin de Inti

Since this summer our special boy Inti has his own little garden. In a small bed he has planted some carotts, together with our past gardener Segundo. Since then, he always takes care of it. With a big bottle of water Inti regularly waters his carotts and comes to visit them. 
Desde el verano pasado, nuestro alumno especial, Inti, se ha sido cargo de su propio huerto. En un terreno pequeño y con la ayuda de Segundo, quien fue nuestro jardinero, el ha sembrado zanahorias. Desde ese dia, Inti ha cuidado mucho de el huerto y siempre riega las plantas cuando llega a la escuela. 

Now, a few weeks later we already can see the first green leaves of the plants. Inti is very proud of his work and his own little project in our school garden and is looking forward to eat them someday.
Ahora, las plantas ya estan creciendo gracias al cuido de Inti. El se siente muy orgulloso del esfuerzo que ha hecho por su herto. El esta ancioso por comer zanahorias cuando sea época de cozecha!

English classes - Clases de Inglés

Today we are starting with our new English classes: Hoy estamos empezando con nuestras clases de inglés nuevas:
Do you want to study English?
Do you want to improve your English?
Do you want to know what life is like in USA and Europe?
Quieres estudiar inglés?
Quieres mejorar el tu inglés?
Quieres conocer como es la vida en los Estados Unidos o en Europa?

Come to the BIBLIOTECA in Salasaka and here the volunteers will teach you English and also tell you about their country and habits – English with fun and friendly teachers :)
Venga a la BIBLIOTECA ROSA MARIA en Salasaka (Calle Rosai) y aqui los voluntarios te van a enseñar inglés y tambien te van a decir sobre su pais y sus costumbres – Ingles con alegría y agradables profesores :) 

Classes every day from Monday to Friday in the mornings (from 9:00 to 12:00) and in the afternoons (from 4:00PM to 7:00PM) in different levels.
We are helping also with your homework (English, Maths, ...)!
Clases cada día desde el lunes hasta el viernes en la maña…

Our new Vivero - Nuestro Vivero nuevo

Yesterday we finished one of the many new projects we've taken on here at Escuela Katitawa.
Ayer terminamos uno de los proyectos que tenemos aqui en la Escuela Katitawa.

For the past few years we've run the Vivero, a shop located in the centre of town which sold plants (especially Mediterrean ones), typical Ecuadorian carpets and tapestries made by Lorenzo.
Los ultimos años teniamos el Vivero. Una tienda en el centro de Salasaka que vendia plantas y tapizes de Salasaka hecho de Lorenzo.

In order to take better care of our plants, we decided to move them from the Vivero to our rooftop terrace.
En lugar de seguir con las plantas alla, decidimos llevarlas a la terraza de la biblioteca.

Our new Roof Top Terrace: Nuestra azotea nueva:

For those who are interested, we are now selling all the items at our library for a reduced cost.
Futhermore, readers who don't live locally but still wish to purchase a tapestry can contact us and from there we can research the delivery cost to your…

Recycling afternoon at the school

Last Friday the kids took part in a recycling day at the school. 

For those of you who don't know about our system, each week we collect and sort all the trash at the school. The separation process is very precise and includes lots of different types of trash: clear plastic, colored plastic, white plastic, paper/cartons (both coloured and normal), cans, glass bottles, aluminium, and so on. 

Beside the kitchen we have our recycling station. As soon as this is full we call the recycler from Ambato. He the comes to "buy" the separated materials, which is a great extra donation for our project.

We started the afternoon by collecting all the left over trash from the last week, which was a lot due to the funeral at the school on Tuesday. A few of the kids, past students of the school, already know the system well and so they were far better at seperating the items than us volunteers.

After work follows rest and food. So once we were  finished we made some popcorn and tea for e…

The new beginning

Today is officially the first "normal" day after Robert's death, happened on Sunday.

We have the kids coming to do their homework (English, Maths and Spanish) and additional classes in the afternoons at the school. Furthermore we give English classes (kids, teenagers and adults) at the library.

We volunteers have decided to keep the project on going.
Some changes have to be done but the Escuela KATITAWA [with the activities directly in the school and also in the library] is going to have a long life! For Robert and also all the locals who still needs us!

Updates are following in the incoming days/weeks.

If you still want to help us, please continue in doing so.
As usual, more details in our Support section of the blog


The funeral

Today is Robert’s funeral.

Like the tradition in Salasaca, after the death of a person there are 3 days of celebration during which people bring food and drinks.
Robert did not want a big celebration, he wanted people to come for him not for the food nor for the drinks; therefore in the past days no food and drinks have been shared among the visitors and his funeral is going to be today (the 2nd day after his death).

Since Sunday late afternoon the room down stairs on the left side of the dorm has been turned into Robert’s death chamber.
His grave is surrounded by flowers, candles, pictures and there is also the light blue flag of the soccer team of Salasaca.

People come to visit him during the days and nights.

Despite the fact that Robert did not want a big ceremony, he was still one part of the community here (a very strong pillar and a very much beloved man). Therefore his funeral is in any case traditional.

At midday the service starts.

From the death chamber the grave is carried …

Sunday, the 13th of November 2016

Today, Sunday 13th of November at 5:30 PM Robert (age 84) passed away.

Robert felt sick on the 24th of October. Since that day he was hospitalized in Ambato, where he has been diagnosed with different diseases, the worst one: lung cancer. His wishes were to die at the Escuela KATITAWA, the place he loved and in which he invested all his energy for the past 12 years.

After being 2 and ½ weeks in the Ambato’s hospital and 2 and ½ days in the dorm next to the library belonging to the Escuela KATITAWA, he decided to leave his sufferance behind and rest in peace.

When this happened there were two of his daughters Valerie and Susie and Arne with him. The daughters came directly from the USA and Arne is a German guy, who volunteered with him for one year and since then he not only stayed in Salasaca but also remained friend with him and helped as he could the incoming volunteers.

Robert’s grave will be till Tuesday (15th of November) morning for viewing and visiting purposes in the communit…

The 19th birthday party of the Escuela KATITAWA

Today it is Friday 11th of November, and the Escuela KATITAWA’s celebrates its 19th birthday.
All the former students of the school and the current kids, who are coming for the afternoon classes, are invited, and of course Inti. The volunteers are preparing for the occasion a very big party. In the morning they go up the school and start decorating the terrace on the 1st floor and the tree next to the kitchen.

They also prepare games for the kids (the last one will be the Pinata – Robert likes this game the kids too J). And what is a birthday party without a cake???
The volunteers arrange a cake, some Fanta, Coke, sweets, candies and also make some popcorn.

2:00 PM - All is ready.

2:30 PM - The kids arrive.
3:00 PM - Rufino starts the speech about the Escuela KATITAWA’s: how it started 19 years ago, how it was grown and how it now changes. But still it keep a very important role in the community. The speech is as usual in Quechua and Spanish.

3:30 PM - The games start and the kids are h…