Sunday, the 13th of November 2016

Today, Sunday 13th of November at 5:30 PM Robert (age 84) passed away.

Robert felt sick on the 24th of October. Since that day he was hospitalized in Ambato, where he has been diagnosed with different diseases, the worst one: lung cancer. His wishes were to die at the Escuela KATITAWA, the place he loved and in which he invested all his energy for the past 12 years.

After being 2 and ½ weeks in the Ambato’s hospital and 2 and ½ days in the dorm next to the library belonging to the Escuela KATITAWA, he decided to leave his sufferance behind and rest in peace.

When this happened there were two of his daughters Valerie and Susie and Arne with him. The daughters came directly from the USA and Arne is a German guy, who volunteered with him for one year and since then he not only stayed in Salasaca but also remained friend with him and helped as he could the incoming volunteers.

Robert’s grave will be till Tuesday (15th of November) morning for viewing and visiting purposes in the community room in the dorm’s building. The funeral will be held in a traditional way on Tuesday.

Robert we will miss you very much!

May you rest in peace, watch us and guard us all from the sky, where you now are.

We, volunteers will keep the project on going
– updates to come on the next days.
Thank you all for your support!