Friday, November 11, 2016

The 19th birthday party of the Escuela KATITAWA

Today it is Friday 11th of November, and the Escuela KATITAWA’s celebrates its 19th birthday.

All the former students of the school and the current kids, who are coming for the afternoon classes, are invited, and of course Inti.
The volunteers are preparing for the occasion a very big party. In the morning they go up the school and start decorating the terrace on the 1st floor and the tree next to the kitchen.

They also prepare games for the kids (the last one will be the Pinata – Robert likes this game the kids too J). And what is a birthday party without a cake???

The volunteers arrange a cake, some Fanta, Coke, sweets, candies and also make some popcorn.

2:00 PM - All is ready.

2:30 PM - The kids arrive.

3:00 PM - Rufino starts the speech about the Escuela KATITAWA’s: how it started 19 years ago, how it was grown and how it now changes. But still it keep a very important role in the community. The speech is as usual in Quechua and Spanish.

3:30 PM - The games start and the kids are having a lot of fun.

4:30 PM - Time for the cake – Happy B-Day Escuela KATITAWA!!!


5:00 PM - Robert arrived at his dorm at the library from the Ambato’s hospital. The kids want to go see him. Time to go there! The camionetta is too full but we can make it :)

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