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Sponsor a Teacher at Katitawa

One of our biggest concerns here at Katitawa is coming up with the money to pay the three paid people that provide the essential services that cannot be done by volunteers:

Rufino: School Director and teacher;
Virginia: Cook at the school;
Angel: Projects Manager.

Lets start with just Rufino. We would like to give him a raise. He has worked at the school since 2009 and has only received one raise.  As of August 1st he will receive another.. Now I need to make sure we have the money....And here is where we need your help.

Here is how you can help.  Become a Rufino sponsor by agreeing to a monthly donation of  as little as $10.  It is easy....Just push the Subscribe Button below.  We all thank you.  

Blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Andi Keller, Marge Fabro & Laura Pisani-Ferry.

Sponsor the Man That Does Everything

He started as a volunteer and worked up to a full-time paid position.
Any volunteer who has been here in the past five years surely remembers Angel. He works hard and long and never complains about something being too difficult. He has many talents including doing the tax declarations each month. He has a vision for the projects that we are involved with, similar to mine.

 Sometime in the future, I can see him as the General Manager of all of the Katitawa Projects. As with Virginia and Rufino, we need help paying his salary. In the modern world he almost works for nothing. Who would like to be first?

blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Marge Fabro, Laura Pisani-Ferry, Agnes Pechlaner

Meet the children of Katitawa

Many of you have been following our blog for quite some time, many of you have become donors during that time and have begun to support the children of Escuela Katitawa. It is due time you see the faces of the children for whom you are helping to provide education. Below you will find photos of each child with their name and age. Take a minute to meet each of the children. For those of you who are not yet donors, but are considering it, perhaps this will help you decide to donate to our cause!

Group One (hover over each photo for names and ages)

Group Two (hover over each photo for names and ages)

Group Three (hover over photos for names and ages)

Group Four (hover over each photo for names and ages)

The school year of 2014 will be ending in July, with a graduation ceremony to be held on July 4th at Escuela Katitawa school. This year we have one gradua

Yet Another Goodbye

and Good Luck!

We are constantly having to say goodbye to volunteers here at Escuela Katitawa and it is always very difficult. We appreciate all that they do for us! When partaking in maintenance their contributions will remain a physical part of the school forever. When teaching they will forever remain in the memories and hearts of the children and fellow volunteers. We would like to take a moment to say thank you to the volunteers we have had to say goodbye to most recently.
Laura23 years, France

Laura has been with us for a year now, one of the longest volunteers in Katitawa history.  Not to mention that is her second visit to work at the school. In the time she has spent with us she has made a large impact on the school and in the community. While working at the school Laura was a full-time teacher. This means that she taught everything from Math, English, and Spanish to Ethics. She went out of her way to plan special trips for the children in her spare time, and on weekends would t…

A Little Incentive

Donate to our Cause!

For a limited time we would like to send to all who donate $15+, a set of five bracelets of different colors, made by a Salasakan friend, with Katitawa embroidered on each.

If you are one of our 300 plus volunteers, I am sure you would love this memento. 

Blog and Photos by: Andi Keller