Yet Another Goodbye

and Good Luck!

We are constantly having to say goodbye to volunteers here at Escuela Katitawa and it is always very difficult. We appreciate all that they do for us! When partaking in maintenance their contributions will remain a physical part of the school forever. When teaching they will forever remain in the memories and hearts of the children and fellow volunteers. We would like to take a moment to say thank you to the volunteers we have had to say goodbye to most recently.


23 years, France

Laura has been with us for a year now, one of the longest volunteers in Katitawa history.  Not to mention that is her second visit to work at the school. In the time she has spent with us she has made a large impact on the school and in the community. While working at the school Laura was a full-time teacher. This means that she taught everything from Math, English, and Spanish to Ethics. She went out of her way to plan special trips for the children in her spare time, and on weekends would take them on a field trip. You deserve a special shout out for all the time that you put into the school and community! We'll miss you!


26 years, Belgium

Emé was here for three months arriving in mid March of this year. During her time here she taught at the school and worked at the casa comunal. While at the school she worked with group four teaching Math and English, with group two in grammar and privately tutored Holguer of group 4 in math. At the casa she helped to install the electricity and plumbing systems and make concrete for the walls.


24 years, United States

Mary worked at the casa comunal, helping to build our new dormitory. At the casa she worked on installing our plumbing and septic systems, installing the electricity and much more. Mary also spent time at the school working with the children. While at the school she taught groups one and two in English and Math.


24 years, France

This was Leo's second visit with us here at Escuela Katitawa. He spent three months here from December 2013-February 2014. He returned a month ago to spend thirty more days at the school before heading home to France. Both times here Leo was an all around worker. He spent days at the Vivero preparing our plant nursery for it's grand opening, he worked at the casa installing the septic and plumbing systems and helped to build the new bunk beds. At the school he worked with groups one and two in English and Math.


28 years, The Netherlands

Ard spent a month at the school in May of this year. He primarily worked at the casa comunal (or Mangiwa). As a furniture builder at home he had many of the skills required to help us with our construction project. His work centered around designing and building new bunk beds, preparing windows for installation and installing the plumbing and septic systems.


25 years, The Netherlands

Carlijn spent the month of May here at the school volunteering. She worked at the school daily teaching English to group 4 and privately tutoring Malko of group 2. In her spare time she worked at the library helping to design and initiate a reading program for the children of Escuela Katitawa. This would have the children come to the library twice a week to read and check out books.


23 years, Spain

Marta was a teacher at the school for the month of May while she was here in Salasaca. She taught groups 3 & 4 at the school in Math, English,  & Spanish conversation and grammar.  She also helped design and organize the Dia de la Madre at Escuela Katitawa and was the MC for the day.


23 years, Spain

Nitin join us at the school for the month of May and was a teacher at the school. He primarily taught groups 3 & 4 in Math, English & Spanish conversation and grammar. He worked with Marta in designing and organizing the Dia de la Madre. Including putting together a drawing to choose the 'Mother of the Day' at the school. 


30 years, Hungary

Bea was here with us at the school for two and a half months from March - May. During that time she primarily taught at the school, while putting in some days at the casa comunal, putting her physical engineering degree to use. One of her projects at the school was a photo essay for the children of group 4 based on rycling that you will see in upcoming weeks. She also taught all the children to make 
different kinds of bracelets and jewelry. 


27 years, Canada

Gen was here in May this year for two weeks. During that time she primarily worked at the casa comunal. She helped to install the plumbing and electric systems, prepare the windows for installation, make concrete and much more. She worked a few days at the school as well getting to know the children!


31 years, Czech Republic

Pablo was here for one month, arriving in the month of April. Pablo was another key player in the building of the casa comunal. He did anything that was asked of him. This included installing the electric system, dismantling the partial bridge that once led between the library and the new dorm and building a new, more stable one.


35 years, Czech Republic

Zuzana was here for one month, arriving in the month of April. She took a key role in overseeing the gardens and maintenance at the school, which can be a tough job. She uprooted dead plants, tended to the sick ones and purchased seedlings and planted them to get the next batch ready to go. When she left the garden was flourishing again. In her spare time she worked at the school, teaching group one, and at the casa comunal working construction. 


22 years, Canada

Autumn spent one month here in April of this year. She spent her days at the school working one-on-one with Adriana of group 4, teaching her math, English and reading. She also passed some days teaching English to group 3. On other days she worked hard at the casa comunal to prepare the building for our big move.


22 years, United States

Rain was here for one week in the month of April. She spent her days at the school teaching English and Math to group four. After leaving here she returned to Columbia to complete her studies.


23, United States

Leah was here for one month this year, the month of April. While she was here she worked at the school with group 3 teaching math and English. In her spare time she not only prepared for her next days classes, but helped to create a routine by which all volunteers prepare their schedule for the full week of classes. 

A Message from Robert:

"When I started to give English lessons to a few kids here in Salasaka Central in mid 2006, my only other plan was to include a small library.

Then along came Janneke, a young lady from Holland who wanted to help out. She was my first volunteer and stayed for three months. From the small beginning in Salasaka Central, here we are today, eight years and almost 300 volunteers later...Operating what we call the Katitawa Projects, which includes The Katitawa School, a plant nursery, library and internet and soon to be inaugurated, a culture tour to Salasaka from Baños.

With the exception of three paid personnel, all the work that we do is by volunteers.

So it is today that we honor Marge, Charlotte and Nora who have continued in the Katitawa tradition of giving a part of their life to helping others. Thank you very much...
Viva con el Dios."

We wish you luck in all of your future endeavors and hope that you will be able to return someday, even if only for a visit!

blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Many