Eighteen More Days

(really this time!)

Because we were unable to complete the work necessary to move in by the beginning of May, we were able to extend our stay at Pachamama until the end of the month. 

Our projected move date is for May 31st!

Currently at the new dormitory we are in the process of completing the electricity and water!! We are completing the plumbing and should be hooked up to the hot water heaters by the end of next week. We started plastering the bathrooms rooms on Friday and all four will be ready to tile soon. There will be at least one working bathroom and shower in the dormitory as well as the bathroom and shower that is available next door at our library.

We are working on completing the cement work on the walls within the building. When this is complete we will be able to install the windows! The frames for the windows are already complete and inserting the glass should be relatively easy!

The kitchen is still empty....But we do have plans. If it is not ready by June 1st, we will use the kitchen above the library that any volunteers who were here in 2010 will remember very well.

At the current volunteer dormitory we do own two of the bunk beds and one of the single beds in addition to all of the mattresses. We have been selling bunk beds online to put in the new dormitory, and have managed to get donations to purchase four more bunk beds. We are attempting to get donations to buy two more, but in the meantime will be beginning the construction on the last two! If they are not 
completed in time, some volunteers may have to be sleeping on mattresses on the floor until they are completed.

With all of that being said, keep in mind that for the first month or two it will be a bit like camping, so volunteers that are arriving in the months of June and July, come mentally prepared!

If you are interested in making a donation to help us complete our building, 
click here to be redirected to our donations page! 

Thank you again to our volunteers and the people from the community you have been working extremely hard to help us meet our deadline!

To see some live action of the volunteers and people from the community working on the casa comunal, watch this fun video below!

Blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Andi Keller & Marge Fabro