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All of the money that we spend comes from private donations from people all over the world. The most important reason for our donors is the transparency. We are a small private group, which means that we not only depend solely on donations but also that your money doesn't get lost on any administrative detours. In fact all the work we are doing here is done by volunteers who don’t receive any payment. This also includes our few administrative processes, so that all your money (except the small part that PayPal charges us for receiving your donation*) goes straight to the school or it's related projects.


To make a general donation to the entire Katitawa project and everything we are doing down here, click the Donate button below. We will make sure that the money goes where it is needed most.


If there is a specific project you would like to see finished, you can support it directly by using the donate buttons on this page. Your money will go straight to your chosen cause:

Afternoon school for children of the community and private lessons:

Library with internet access:

Building and new constructions:

Another way to donate for construction work is to buy a brick.
To read more about our current construction work at the library and the community house, follow this link:Buy a brick 

To read more about these projects, see the Projects section.


As a sustaining member you donate a certain amount every month. This helps us to build a sustainable source of income for the Escuela Katitawa and the related projects, based on regular donations.
If you think you could manage a monthly donation - however small - in order to help continue this fantastic project then please, don't hesitate, but become a Sustaining Member today.
Think about it for a moment - 10 dollars a month is less than a night out for dinner. If you consider it in those terms, it doesn't seem like a very substantial sum for many of us, but it can make a huge difference to the kids of Katitawa.
To become a Sustaining Member and to help us guarantee the education of our children couldn't be more simple: Just choose one of our memberships - Bronze, Silver or Gold - and click the button.

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Buy a t-shirt! Do something good by dressing up. Support the school by looking good in one of our special edition T-Shirts for the 15th Anniversary of Katitawa. The price is $ 12.50 and shipping costs are $ 5.00. You can choose between Adrian's (one of our students) or Bec's (one of our volunteers) design, presented by our models Marie, Laura & Angel:

Adrian's design


Bec's design


  • Visit us! Everyone who wants to get involved beyond donating money is more than welcome to visit us here in Ecuador any time. That way you can see exactly where your money goes.
  • Volunteer with us! If you want to help us as a volunteer, we would be grateful for your helping hand. Please see our page about volunteer opportunities.

*[We use PayPal in order to receive your donation, because it is the safest and easiest way. PayPal makes it easy to donate and the cost for us to receive the money is 5.4% plus $0.30 per transaction. So for every $10.00 donation we receive $9.16 and that money goes directly to the project].