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Another Goodbye

and Good Luck!

We are constantly having to say goodbye to volunteers here at Escuela Katitawa and it is always very difficult. We appreciate all that they do for us! When partaking in maintenance their contributions will remain a physical part of the school forever. When teaching they will forever remain in the memories and hearts of the children and fellow volunteers. We would like to take a moment to say thank you to the three volunteers we had to say goodbye to last Friday. 

 25 year old, from Germany
Charlotte arrived March 23rd and spent three weeks with us at the school. She taught math and English, primarily with group three, and worked with group one in the afternoons. She also had the opportunity to paint Easter eggs with the kids that will be hidden this week for the kids to find! Charlotte is now in Columbia working at another school and continuing her volunteer work.
 18 year old, from Germany
Nora arrived March 24th and spent three weeks with us here, splitting …

Go Katitawa!

Volunteers and the Kids

Here at Katitawa we have been able to accomplish many things because of the help of hundreds of volunteers who have come from all over the world to lend a hand in what we believe is a worthwhile project. Only eight years ago we began with one volunteer and have been lucky enough to grow to the point that our dormitory is full (with twenty-one volunteers). Despite being at full capacity, volunteers continue to come and set up tents in order to contribute to our project.

We ask for volunteers who desire to give their time and talents and that is exactly what we get. We have had volunteers who have given us a few days of their time as well as those who stay for up to a year. All of the volunteers who have joined us over the years have told us that the Katitawa Experience touched their lives.

The children of Katitawa have the unique ability to learn from different people all over the world. Through these wonderful and talented people they have the opportunity to exper…

We Are Making Progress

with only ONE MONTH left!

In just four days of work we have made quite a bit of progress! We obviously still have a lot of work to do, including the windows, doorways and kitchen which have yet to be started. However, it is hard to deny that much has been done! 
With less than a month left until our move date, there is still much to do! Below you will find pictures of our progress as well as what we still have left to finish!

We haven’t quite finished the electrical installation but we have made significant progress. Our friend Will from the UK got us all set up with the wiring and left us instructions on how to finish it so that it would be done right! Unfortunately he and his wife Sophie had to leave last weekend so we are left to our own devices to finish the work. Luckily he left it in the capable hands of Angel – project leader. The plastering of the ceiling is underway! At the pace we are at the ceiling should be finished by the end of the week. Our two local contract workers have b…