Go Katitawa!

Volunteers and the Kids

Here at Katitawa we have been able to accomplish many things because of the help of hundreds of volunteers who have come from all over the world to lend a hand in what we believe is a worthwhile project. Only eight years ago we began with one volunteer and have been lucky enough to grow to the point that our dormitory is full (with twenty-one volunteers). Despite being at full capacity, volunteers continue to come and set up tents in order to contribute to our project.

We ask for volunteers who desire to give their time and talents and that is exactly what we get. We have had volunteers who have given us a few days of their time as well as those who stay for up to a year. All of the volunteers who have joined us over the years have told us that the Katitawa Experience touched their lives.

The children of Katitawa have the unique ability to learn from different people all over the world. Through these wonderful and talented people they have the opportunity to experience a multitude of different cultures. This provides them with an advantage that other schools are unable to provide.

In the past few years we have found that the children of Katitawa have gone on to excel in secondary school. Many  of them have achieved second and third place rankings in their English and math classes,  while the rest receive top marks. In the last six years, Katitawa students have earned the position of flag bearer for the year at the local high school three times. This is an  incredible honor within the community and we are proud to see our student’s progress as they leave the school and enter the real world!  Go Katitawa!


We are constantly having to say goodbye to volunteers that make large contributions to the school. These last few weeks we lost Arnika, Sixten, Sophie and Will. Arnika, Sixten and Sophie taught at the school, Will designed and began the electrical wiring in what will very soon be the new volunteer dormitory. While we are always sad to see our volunteers leave, we wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

For all the volunteers who have devoted their time, passion, creativity and much more, we are forever grateful!

Blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Charlotte John, Bea Botka, Mary Knipfer