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The Nursery Is Moving Forward....Slowly

What was supposed to be a simple project, has taken a year longer then expected and it is not finished yet.  Part of the problem is that we keep adding to the original plan.  One thing for sure....It will be beautiful.

One of the additions was to make the entrance more attractive and functional.  Angel came up with the idea of adding two palapas where we will serve snacks and drinks to the


Now is the time for all of our friends to come to the aid of Katitawa.

To all of our Friends and past volunteers who have answered our call for help....Thank you very much. We now have 47 SKY....Sustaining members towards our goal of 200. 

This program is important for the future of our projects here in Salasaka. I am now working on my 82nd year and it is important to me that these projects we have started here continue. I just want everyone to understand that there is no "Surgar Daddy" or government organization behind what we are doing....Just us. You and me.

So....Please if you like what we are doing here...Go to the sidebar sign up. You will be glad you did....and us too.


Vacation Classes Begin Monday July 15th.

For the past six years we have conducted Vacation Classes in English, math, Kichwa and other subjects when we have volunteers qualified....Such as music, dance, and science for example.  We started this program six years ago with the classes being held at the Katitawa School.  In July of 2009 we continued with the vacation courses but held them in the new library location in Manguiwa where they have continued ever since.  We will keep you posted.  Thanks for reading the blog.

Finally This Is a Reality

After five years on the sidebar of this blog the entrance sign is a reality.  Sofie Green, a volunteer in 2008, created this drawing of a future project that we wanted to undertake to make the school entrance beautiful and special.

I am happy to show you that the future is NOW.

What do you think...I think it is beautiful and worth the wait.

Gruadation Day 2013

The day began with a dual ceremony on the Andean Cross for the winners of the year-long recycling competition and presentation of the Medallions to the volunteers who  were leaving.

The winners were:
Third Place...Adrian, Group 2....$5.00.
Second Place....Rosie, Group 1....$10.00.
First Place....Myti, Kindergarten....$20.00.

This final day of the 2013 school year is also the last day for some of the volunteers.
We had the pleasure of having the Murphy family from California here for a couple of weeks and we want to thank them for there help.  The children loved the cultural experience while interacting with children close to their own age from another country.  It is so much better than just reading about children from other cultures in the text books.

The kids are always part of this ceremony.  They love it when they are chosen to put the medallion around the neck of the volunteer.
Let the Graduation Ceremony begin.... The terrace has been decorated.

Yesterday, Tomorrow And The Weej After

Yesterday was Graduation Day for Sandy and Yurina.  Two beautiful girls who are now looking forward to the Colegio.  We wish them well.
Tomorrow will be registration for the Vacation Classes at the Library.
The week after, July 15th classes will start.

This is the sixth year that we have conducted these classes.  They are very popular and are especially helpful for the kids who are entering the first year of the Colegio.  I guess we could call it Colegio Prep.

The Big Parade...

For the past several years Katitawa School has been part of the big parade of all the schools, big and small, that are located in Salasaka.  This year was the 41st running of this parade and if there was a prize for being the best, Katitawa would have marched away with the Gold.  At least that is the opinion of the volunteers.
Sandy and Yarina, the two flag bearers getting ready for the long march.
Everybody Ready....Go.
Rosie and Katie from Group 1.
This is where Katitawa School was different than all the rest.
Here at Katitawa we believe that the most important subject that we can teach is that part of philosophy that deals with ethics....because character is important.  So....When thay were in front of the reviewing stand, where all the dignitaries from Pelileo and Salasaka were seated, they stopped, turned right and shouted out  in unison the code of conduct that we call the Six Pillars of Character.  They ended up  by shouting....Viva Salasaka and viva Escuela Katitawa.  All of …

Inti Rymi 2013