The Big Parade...

For the past several years Katitawa School has been part of the big parade of all the schools, big and small, that are located in Salasaka.  This year was the 41st running of this parade and if there was a prize for being the best, Katitawa would have marched away with the Gold.  At least that is the opinion of the volunteers.

Sandy and Yarina, the two flag bearers getting ready for the long march.

Everybody Ready....Go.

Rosie and Katie from Group 1.

This is where Katitawa School was different than all the rest.

Here at Katitawa we believe that the most important subject that we can teach is that part of philosophy that deals with ethics....because character is important.  So....When thay were in front of the reviewing stand, where all the dignitaries from Pelileo and Salasaka were seated, they stopped, turned right and shouted out  in unison the code of conduct that we call the Six Pillars of Character.  They ended up  by shouting....Viva Salasaka and viva Escuela Katitawa.  All of this was in Kichwa.  I did not have an applause meter, but I am sure it would have goon off the scale.  It was great. 

In the winners circle.
Robert with Sandy and Yarina, who will be graduating this year.

Angel is always there when you need him.