Monday, July 8, 2013

Gruadation Day 2013

The day began with a dual ceremony on the Andean Cross for the winners of the year-long recycling competition and presentation of the Medallions to the volunteers who  were leaving.

The winners were:
Third Place...Adrian, Group 2....$5.00.
Second Place....Rosie, Group 1....$10.00.
First Place....Myti, Kindergarten....$20.00.

This final day of the 2013 school year is also the last day for some of the volunteers.
We had the pleasure of having the Murphy family from California here for a couple of weeks and we want to thank them for there help.  The children loved the cultural experience while interacting with children close to their own age from another country.  It is so much better than just reading about children from other cultures in the text books.

The kids are always part of this ceremony.  They love it when they are chosen to put the medallion around the neck of the volunteer.

Let the Graduation Ceremony begin....
The terrace has been decorated.

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