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Flag Day 2008

The ceramony was held with respect for flag and country on the "Parade Ground" in front of a few friends and family.The march started in front of the vegetable garden and continued to the Parade Ground.Also in attendance were four of our current volunteers. From right to left: Ryan,Adam,Wendy and Cara. Cara took a short video which is available on You Tube.

Yes You Can....Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

What we thought was a stray dog turned up at Katitawa at lunch time last week. It was a dog that had probably been kicked too many times and was very skittish. Wendy, the dog lady decided to rekindle his faith in humans and has made some progress. He now will sit to receive his handouts and even shack her hand after lunchWe found out later that it belonged to the cook.

Tomorrow Is Flag Day

We have been practicing for tomorrows parade which will take place at the school in front of pamily and friends. We will have more pictures of the event tomorrow. Stay Tuned.

Four New Volunteers From England

Adam and Wendy arrived on the 16th and will stay at lest three weeks.Fred and Amanda stopped by to check things out. They spent the night and left the next day saying they would be back on Sunday....And that is the last we have heard of them. I hope they are ok....By the way Amanda, we are holding a pair of red boots that you left behind.

The Long Walk Home

It's Friday afternoon and four of the kids decided to take the stilts home for the weekend.

Did I Hear Swimming Pool?

On Friday, as I was going from one area to another I saw a group of students digging a hole in the area to the right of the main classroom. I asked them what they were doing and they yelled in unison....Were building a swimming pool. I have no idea where or when the idea was spawned, but probable on a little field trip the day before. They had gone to an area where there was a little stream with some small pools. Most of them were wet when they returned.

At any rate they decided to create their own pool. Edison seems to be the super and they all are showing a great amount of enthusiasm and creativity. I do not know how the project will turn out but we are letting them continue.

They continued digging on Monday with no signs of abandoning the project. We will just have to wait and see how the project plays out.
Edison was asked when the pool would be ready for swimming and he said "three weeks". I will keep you posted.

You Can Help Us Get Our Bus Back.

The school bus----really it is an old VW Kombi, went into the shop and the repairs were more than we had expected. We are short $250.00 and the garage owner will not let it out until the total is paid. Anyone out their in never-never land want to give us a hand.UP-DATE: Good news. The van is back in opperation. We thank you for your help.

The “Big Stilt Race” Is History


Three Ladies From London, And A Guy From Missouri

We had the pleasure of having Hanna, Amy, Becky and Ryan, volunteer for a week at the school.
The walk to the school in the mornings is always a pleasure. I have probably said this a thousand times,….It is a wonderful way to start the day.

The week was pretty short as it came in the middle of Carnival and then only a half a dozen showed up for classes on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Because of the latest eruptions of Tungurahua, which is just a couple of miles away, the officials of the province announced the clouser of all the schools in the Tungurahua Province would be closed because there was a lot of ash in many areas. Fortunately, there was no ash in Salasaca and a few did not get the word so we had classes anyway.

I don’t know how long it normally takes for adults and children, teachers and students, or just strangers who come together to bond, but last week it was about seven and a half minutes. They arrived on Friday they were lasting friends by the first recess.Sinc…

Stilts Still Popular

Stilts continue to be the popular pastime. Even the youngest had to have their own pair.Here is Jamari, only five years old, now walking, although a little shaky, on his new stilts made for him by his older brothers.
We need to make a few repairs to some of the stilts before the big race. A few have broken because of knots in some of the poles. This brought tears to the eyes of one of the boys when one of his poles snapped while he was walking. Not because of the fall, but for the loss of his new toy. I assured him that all we had to do was make a trip to the lumber yard…. guess we need a little better quality control when buying the wood.

Everyone is getting ready for the “Big Stilt Race” scheduled for Monday. The winners purse is one dollar and second place will get $0.50. It is great to see the excitement in these kids with the prospect of winning a dollar.

There were many stilt walkers on the big Ambato annual Fruits and Flowers Parade this year. Maybe a few of our fledgling…