Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stilts Still Popular

Stilts continue to be the popular pastime. Even the youngest had to have their own pair.Here is Jamari, only five years old, now walking, although a little shaky, on his new stilts made for him by his older brothers.
We need to make a few repairs to some of the stilts before the big race. A few have broken because of knots in some of the poles. This brought tears to the eyes of one of the boys when one of his poles snapped while he was walking. Not because of the fall, but for the loss of his new toy. I assured him that all we had to do was make a trip to the lumber yard…. guess we need a little better quality control when buying the wood.

Everyone is getting ready for the “Big Stilt Race” scheduled for Monday. The winners purse is one dollar and second place will get $0.50. It is great to see the excitement in these kids with the prospect of winning a dollar.

There were many stilt walkers on the big Ambato annual Fruits and Flowers Parade this year. Maybe a few of our fledgling walkers will espire to something a little higher.

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