Friday, February 3, 2017

El nuevo año

Thursday is usually the day when we cook something for the kids.
This Thursday we cooked popcorn and made tea.

It was very funny because the gas went off and we had to improvise by making a fire and the kids helped by collecting wood. By the end, everybody was happy and the popcorn was everywhere


Bianca is one of the new volunteers from Italy. When it gets cold, the kids love wrapping up in Bianca’s poncho on Mariano’s pick-up on the way back home.

Thursday is also karaoke night for the volunteers! We had fun!

On Monday we had Arne’s leaving party! All the community was there as well as the volunteer’s friends.

We did a nice barbeque on the roof and later some good music and dancing.

On Tuesday we had art class and the kids were very happy and creative. They painted a lot of flowers and animals.

At the end, Javier painted their faces and also the faces of the volunteers Silvia and Bianca!

On Wednesday the kids didn’t have homeworks so we played all of the afternoon. The weather was amazing!

At the end, the volunteers were tired but very happy!

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