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We Could Use Your Help....Now more than ever.

Since Katitawa does not accept any Government help for the operation of this special school, we depend entirely on donations from people like you.  I have been here since the fall of 2006 and everything that has been accomplished has been done by donations from the private sector.

We have a few workers who are also paid out of these donations.  If you would like to be one of  Katitawa's sponsors, feel free to push the button below.

Thank You

Where Are We Going?

This last week we said goodbye to our 444th volunteer since we started this project in 2006. And now we are down to three. We have come a long way in these past ten years and the game isn't over yet.....As of today anyway....Only God knows what the future holds.

In a few short weeks, I will start my 85th year on this earth and I am ready. Life has been a true adventure. I have caused more than a few, I am sure, a lot of pain.....And for that, I am truly sorry. But that is water that has long passed under the bridge. This morning, as I was taking a couple extra hours in bed, mulling over ideas on how to solve some of our immediate problems facing us in the coming months, I decided to share some thoughts about the past and ideas on what we would like to do in the future.

So for the next day and a half, stop by when you have a chance and listen to me ramble. If you have any comments, constructive or otherwise feel free to join in.

I am going to post this same message on the blog and …

Time to "Save The Forest"...Again.

The main purpose of this post is not to spread awareness about worldwide de-forestation or the alarming disappearance of primal forests all over the world, even though it can serve as a gentle push in the right direction. Our aim is much more save the fifty trees that have always served as a retreat and the best of playgrounds for our children here at Katitawa.
Five years ago the owners of the land the trees stand on told us they were planning to cut them down and sell their wood. In order to prevent that we decided to buy, or rather rent, the trees for five years, $10 a piece. What happens is that the 5 years have just expired and the wood-thirsty owners are already sharpening their saws.
What we would like to do with your help is save our little forest once again - one tree at a time. All we need is a small donation of at least $10 which will not only save one tree’s life but also get you immortalized in the form of a little commemorative plaque on the tree you saved…