Inti Update!

The news is in! After months of physiotherapy, Inti has made leaps and bounds in his flexibility and has finally been approved to receive his operation this coming Monday, February 22nd. It is a relatively simple operation, but he will be confined to a cast for the next few weeks. We have finished his walking platforms so that he can practice walking correctly every day once he has the cast removed. Please leave him some encouraging words and good wishes in the comments! Thank you to all who have contributed to his cause to make his operation possible. We are all endlessly grateful and appreciative, as is Inti!

EDIT 3/1/16: During Inti's final pre-op oppointment, there were a group of visiting American doctors in the hospital here in Ecuador. They were happy to help evaluate Inti's condition and case, and in the end unanimously decided that surgery might not be the best answer for right now. Inti now has some leg braces and a walker designed for straightening out his back. This will promote healthy muscle flexibility and development through the next year. If he uses it correctly and every day for the next year he will develop straighter posture and better walking gait form. After one year of using these braces and walking tools we will bring him to get evaluated to see if surgery is needed. Thanks again for all your support.


  1. Hi Robert, It is Pieter (from South Africa), I sent you a facebook about the payment details for Into but have not heard back from you, can you please send the western union account details to me and instructions on how to make the payment to email - or via facebook.


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