Sponsor the Cook At Katitawa

We Need Your Continuing Support

More than six months ago, we asked for donations to help pay for a few indispensable workers at Katitawa School.   Since this expense is the most difficult for us to come up with each month we asked for your help. During this period we have now 10 Sponsors for Virginia, for a total of $100 per month.   

At the present time we pay Virginia $300 per month.   She works full time at the school and she is worth every dollar we pay her.   We really do need your help.  Just push the Subscribe button below if you would like to help.   Thanking you in advance.


Virginia, our wonderful and patient cook, with the most beautiful smile in the whole world, needs a Sponsor. Who would like to be Number 11, to sponsor this wonderful lady?  For just $10, or more, per month you can help pay Virginia's salary for the coming year.

Virginia has been working with us for the past three years and is not only a mother to all of the kids when they need one, but she makes wonderful soups, and a whole lot more.  I mentioned soups, because they are my favorite meals.  Virginia is one of the four  paid people we have working in the Katitawa Projects.

Virginia has two beautiful children whom I had the privilege to have in my first English class almost 10 years ago.   Maybe I can find some before and after pictures.

We provide the kids with a snack in the morning and a hot lunch everyday.  The children pay $1 per week if they can, if not we never turn down a hungry child or a hungry volunteer.  In years past we did not charge anything, but I learned early on that if things are totally free, they have no value.


blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Marge Fabro