Tuesday, June 3, 2014

On your marks..Get set...


We are out of time for staying at Pachamama as the day of the big move was last Friday! We have been pouring our hearts into the completion of the new dormitory for the last few weeks, trying to complete what we can. There is still quite a bit to do, but we have made more progress!

Our work this past week has been focused on installing the septic and plumbing systems, as well as completing the cement work on the exterior of the building in order to install the windows.

Due to the fact that the dormitory is not yet complete, but we will still need to move, volunteers will be occupying the classrooms above the library until windows and doors can be added to our new home in Mangiwa. This is not something new for the volunteers of Katitawa, as they once lived in these rooms before we moved into Pachamama. We have already moved all of our stuff into our new temporary home and are pensively awaiting the move into the new dormitory.

Also because we were going to be moving into the classrooms, volunteers have worked hard all last week to clean out the classrooms and prepare them for habitation. We have had volunteers working in town building the remainder of the bunk beds so we will have a place to sleep. Hopefully the next few days will be successful and we will all have bed frames tonight, however if not: a mattress on the floor never hurt anyone!

And lets send a special shout out to Angel, 
project manager of the building of the new dorm! 

Within the walls of Mangiwa:

We have been making progress as well, thanks to the local workers who have been grinding away at the cement work and water installation. The column work within the building is completed!

We have completed some of the tiling for the bathrooms and one of the bathrooms does have running water! Yay! (and surprise!)

We expect that by the beginning of next week we will have running water in all of the bathrooms in the new building, and from there it is only a short step to a hot shower.

Thank goodness we have volunteers that have been working a lot and complaining very little!

Thoughts on the big move:

Pachamama has a magic that no body can deny (Pachamamagic ;) if you will). The house has become a home to volunteers who have come and gone over the years and we need to pay our respect to it as we prepare to move on. We can only keep it in our memories as we begin to make Mangiwa our new home. Someday it will contain the same magic that Pachamama has offered to us all over the years. Not only is the house beautiful with its vined terraces but it provided a stunning view of Chimborazo and the heart of Ambato.

There are many positive aspects about the move to that we are trying to keep in mind as we leave. For example, while living near the library the volunteers will have internet access more readily available. We are hoping that this will not mean that volunteers will have their heads in their computers all night long! The walk to get to work every day will be much shorter, that does mean that people will be able to sleep in a little bit later in the mornings! And of course, we will be leaving the mold infested walls for an entirely new building that is completely mold free! (so far) That's right people! We will be able to breathe without risk of allergy or infection! :)

We are going to be making the move today so make sure to check back on the blog again next week to see how we are settling in!

Blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Andi Keller & Agnes Pechlaner

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