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El Dia de la Madre

Another Update from Salasaka – read on if you want to find out more about which Mum won the 'Madre del día' competition and whose egg could be balanced the longest on a spoon in your mouth!
What? Sounds like fun, and it most certainly was. 

On Friday, May 23, volunteers as well as kids and their families joined up at Escuela Katitawa to celebrate together the day of all mothers. What first seemed to be a foggy cold day turned out to become a splendid day of sunshine, which boosted not only the general mood but also helped to carry out the whole program as planned.

Before the official program started, volunteers and kids together danced the Macarena to welcome the visitors. The children were having so much fun dancing that we ended up dancing a little more.

After this little icebreaker, Rufino, headmaster of the school, opened the program with warm words of welcome and respect. He talked, both in Kichwa and Spanish, about what we have been doing at the school lately and introduced 

The Salasaka Cultural Tour

experience the culture of the indigenous communities of Salasaka and Patate!

We would like to invite you to join us on a cultural tour to a part of Ecuador that is overlooked by most tourists to Baños.   Salasaka and Patate.
Salasaka is a small indigenous community located in the Andean Highlands, between Baños and Ambato.  Patate is a small city located in the fertile Patate Valley.
The Salasakans have a very colorful past and the history is portrayed in a unique museum in the center of town.  The work on this museum took many years  and opened its doors to the public in 2013.  It is housed in the tallest building in Salasaka and is open every day from 9:00 to 5:00
You are welcome to visit this unique museum on your own, however to enhance your experience we have put together  this Cultural Tour with the museum as its centrepiece.

We would also like to acquaint you with the Katitawa Projects, which includes a school, library and plant nursery.....And now a Cultural Tour.

The Katitawa Proj…

Eighteen More Days

(really this time!)

Because we were unable to complete the work necessary to move in by the beginning of May, we were able to extend our stay at Pachamama until the end of the month. 
Our projected move date is for May 31st!
Currently at the new dormitory we are in the process of completing the electricity and water!!We are completing the plumbing and should be hooked up to the hot water heaters by the end of next week. We started plastering the bathrooms rooms on Friday and all four will be ready to tile soon. There will be at least one working bathroom and shower in the dormitory as well as the bathroom and shower that is available next door at our library.

We will be reconditioning two old bathrooms that were part of the old building that we demolished when we began construction on this site. It will be a long walk in the middle of the night but the intrepid volunteers will survive. The in-room toilets will definitely be a plus when they have all been completed!

We are working on comple…