Ready or not! Here we come!

Thirty-four days and counting!

With the help of volunteers and local workers the construction continues on the 
new volunteer dorm. In recent weeks we have seen incredible growth in the 
building as it slowly begins to become a reality. We completed the ground floor 
last year and are nearing completion of the second level. This level will soon be 
the new Volunteers Quarters.

For the past six years the volunteers have been hanging out at Casa Pachamama. It is a beautiful old house with fantastic views of Chimborazo and four rooms that contain bunks that are used by our current volunteers. When the time comes to move I am        sure we will be a little sad, but in time Pachamama will just be a pleasant dream.

Here is a rough timeline of what we need to happen in just 34 days:

Monday, March 24th through Friday March 28th... Finish the electrical installation. We are lucky to have William from the UK who just happens to be an electrical engineer and will be in charge of this job. He and his wife Sophie will be leaving on the weekend so he has a deadline. It would be a shame if Sophie had to leave by herself.

Wednesday March 26-April 4th... Plastering the ceiling. This is being done by two local contract workers. By the way, these young men are from the community and have done 90% of the brick work and are the only paid workers on this project. All the rest of the work has been done by the volunteers and people from the community.

March 24-April 24... Windows. If there is a carpenter in the area and want to give us a hand....Come on over.

April 5th to the 10th... Plumbing. If this is your cup of tea....We have a place for you. We have a deadline of April 26th to have at least one bathroom ready, complete with a hot water shower.

April 25... The deadline for completing six bunk beds. We have two now that are ours in Pachamama.
More work for the carpenter.

April 29th... Open the walkway from the volunteer quarters to the second floor of the library.

Since it is doubtful that we will 
finish the kitchen in time, we will 
use the kitchen above the library 
for our meals.

As you can see from this rough timeline, we have a lot to do in so few days. It may be a little like camping out when we first arrive, but it should be fun!

SO, Manguiwa, here we come! READY OR NOT!

We are of course still short in the cash department. If you feel like giving us a little much needed help we would greatly appreciate it. Simply click on the “Support us” link at the top of this page. Anything you can give will help us!

Blog by: Andi Keller, Photos by: Andi Keller & Marge Fabro