A busy september so far...

As always the new term has brought many volunteers and plenty of work!
For the last 3 weeks, along with work on the new volunteer quarters, we have been getting the Vivero & School gardens up and running. The plan is to build 8 beds at the school where we can grow vegetables & plants to sell. It's been tough work, but we've made some great progress.

Herb garden ready to enrich school lunches
New washing up table for the kids
Dave, Siobhan and Harry who were all here for 2 weeks made huge progress with the schools flower beds and the Vivero. They've moved on to explore the Galapagos islands but you can see some of the work they achieved. Fabian has continued laying the foundations for the bricks with the help of Joss & Alicia, and it should be finished within the next 2 weeks. Once we have a little more money in the bank the bricks can be laid & seedlings planted. Massive thanks to all the volunteers who have been getting their hands dirty this month & for all you past volunteers the sunny vistas should bring back some happy memories!

Is it a tree or a stick?

Fabian plowing through the brick foundations

Weeding extravaganza

Muchos gracias, Alicia
Current Volunteer