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A busy september so far...

As always the new term has brought many volunteers and plenty of work!
For the last 3 weeks, along with work on the new volunteer quarters, we have been getting the Vivero & School gardens up and running. The plan is to build 8 beds at the school where we can grow vegetables & plants to sell. It's been tough work, but we've made some great progress.

Dave, Siobhan and Harry who were all here for 2 weeks made huge progress with the schools flower beds and the Vivero. They've moved on to explore the Galapagos islands but you can see some of the work they achieved. Fabian has continued laying the foundations for the bricks with the help of Joss & Alicia, and it should be finished within the next 2 weeks. Once we have a little more money in the bank the bricks can be laid & seedlings planted. Massive thanks to all the volunteers who have been getting their hands dirty this month & for all you past volunteers the sunny vistas should…

Still On For Tomorrow.....You can still help.

There is still a lot of work to do today....But the "Gran Minga" is still on for tomorrow.  Some of the volunteers who will be here tomorrow will be helping the 120 people who live in this community who will be doing 99 percent of the work, do their job.  It is really an amazing sight to see and be a part of.

I will be posting pictures tomorrow so that you can see, almost live, what a minga looks like in action.

I just had a brilliant idea....I am going to start a fundraiser at this moment and continue through tomorrow night when the party is over.  So anybody that can not be here in person and want to help, we ask you to make a small, or large donation to  great cause.  Thank you for watching.  Robert.

The Second Floor is Almost Ready For The Roof.

The new Volunteer's Quarters could be ready by Christmas. If we continue at this pace we will be ready to pour the roof on Sunday. The one thing that we are lacking at this point is a few hundred dollars. And this is where you could help. We need 1,500 special blooks delivered on Friday and we need to pay half of the bill before they will deliver. So we need to hurry. If you could help please hit the Donate Button bellow.
How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?! Last week our fabulous volunteer Maria had to leave us. After one month of exceptional hard work and unlimited musical entertainment, it was time for her to hit the road and head on to Bolivia where she'll continue her good work. As a small thank you and tribute to her daily singing, the volunteers decided to throw a musical concert at the house. As a fitting farewell, all 13 of us stood on stage and serenaded her with The Sound of Musics 'How do you solve a problem like Maria'. No doubt riled by the three crates of beer and freshly baked pizzas, it was a magical affair! Thank you again for all you did Maria, and I hope everyone enjoys these photos of her last attempt to encourage folk into the Biblioteca. Alicia & Molly Current Volunteers