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Let's Make Every Day Mother's Day


A Little Review....Past, Present and Future.

First of all, if you are a first time visitor to our blog, (and we get them everyday, thanks to “Volunteer South America”, a web site that lists free and almost free places to volunteer), you are introduced to Katitawa School.  Later you read about the library, the nursery,  Lachlan’s Farm, Pachamama, the community center, and there may be a few more in the future.Volunteers, when they arrive are also sometimes surprised to find out that these different areas are sometimes separated by one to three kilometers.  So let’s start with a map.
(map being worked on)
Katitawa School
Katitawa School was, and still is the primary reason we are here.  It is located about three kilometers from Salasaka Centro, in the foothills above the town.The school was started in 1997 by a small group of concerned individuals from Salasaka, who wanted a different kind of education for their familes.  That is why the school continues today, and is why parents continue to send their children here….Because Katitaw…