When A Volunteer Leaves....

Today I am giving myself a new job. Starting with Victor I am going to give a short tribute to each volunteer when they leave....And work backwards until I have a good record of all volunteers who have been here. Each had a reason for coming and had something to give....And most received something that they never expected and can never forget....The unconditional love of of the children.  Wish me luck.
Victor arrived in October when we were getting ready for the big 15th Birthday Party of the Escuela Katitawa.  I remember the afternoon he arrived....We were trying to finish the fence around Lachlan's Farm that we had started years before.  This young man from Slovakia, walked up where we were working and said "How can I help".
He worked on several projects and I think the one he liked the best was building walls.  He took a lot of pride in what he did and when George left he was the one in charge.  He planned to leave on Friday but he had not finished the ramp so he stayed until Wednesday.

As is customary we have a little ceremony when each volunteer leaves and present them with a small medallion to remember their time at Katitawa. I had a few words to say and then....

Lenny put little the token of appreciation around his neck.


The kids always have something that they have made, to give before they say goodbye.  Thank you again Victor...We will miss you.