Katitawa 15th Birthday....Will be the biggest event of the year. Update No. 1....43 Days to go.

The count-down has started.  Only 43 Days to go.

Clean-up, fix-up projects have been started and I will try my best to keep you all informed of the progress.

The bathroom has been painted and new instructions on how to use the water-less toilets have been painted on the wall in front of the toilet.  Good reading material.
1...A Commemorative T-shirt is being designed by one of the volunteers, and will be available in two weeks.  I think all of the past volunteers will want at least one of these shirts, to not only keep the memories alive, but also to help cause.

2..The entrance sign, that we have had on the side.bar of the blog for several years is now under construction.  It will be ready by Nov. 8th at the latest.  I will keep you advised.

Sofie, a volunteer from several years created this drawing of a future project that we wanted to undertake. It will soon be a reality.

It will  make the school entrance beautiful and special.

3...The combination storeroom and workshop, which was once a classroom and the second building at the school got a face-lift. Project completed.  Thanks to the volunteers.

4....The Art Classroom, under the direction of Bec, the art teacher also got a new look.
Project Completed.


  1. I'm looking forward to pictures of the T-shirt! :-) Great job all of you!


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