Ethics, Language, Math....In that order, will guarantee Sumak Kawsay.

Sumak Kawsay in Kitchwa means, "Beautiful Life", and I am convinced that if the young people, when they leave Katitawa School are able to Read, Write, Speak and Understand their mother language, have the basic understanding of math and the logic of numbers, and values built on a solid foundation of Ethical beliefs, they will be a success in whatever they do in the future. For this reason, in my classes. I have made this our goal.

Two of my class will graduate in June, and the other two will graduate the next year, and I find they are unprepared for the colegio, in Spanish and math. For them, it is not important why they have fallen through the cracks, but it is important to correct the problem before July and we are making progress.

If they can read well they will want to read more. If they read more they will learn more. The internet is more than games....Much of the worlds knowledge is at their fingertips....If they can read and have the desire to learn.

Wish them luck....And me too.