Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Woodlands Primary School Connection

First a few words about the Woodlands Primary School, taken from their web page at http://www.woodlands.herts.sch.uk. Woodlands first opened as a Primary School in September 2000 and the Woodlands community is proud of the firm but caring discipline and high standards of achievement.

Woodlands Primary School is a Hertfordshire County, mixed ability, co-educational, day Primary School for children 3-11 years. There are currently places for 270 children in the main school.

The head teacher is Mrs. J. Woods. If you would like to visit the school, do so by contacting Mrs. Woods at 0208-953-2717 or by E-mail: admin@woodlands.herts.sch.uk

And now the "Connection"....On Monday we received a check from the Woodlands Primary School for 472.91 pounds, with a cover letter showing what it was covering.

I also received an e-mail from a volunteer who had been here for three months at the end of 2010, who advised me that the check was coming and that there was going to be a school assembly on the 20Th and it would be nice if I sent them some an acknowledgement. This is the letter that I sent.

Dear Friends,

What a difference one person can make in the direction we take in life.

Let me tell you a story....Last year a young man came to our little indigenous community of Salasaca in the highlands of Ecuador to volunteer his time at Katitawa....A little school
nestled in the hills above Salasaca. His name was David Randell. While he was here, he wrote home to his mother about what we were doing here. His mother just happened to be one of your teachers.

Mrs. Randell was evidently impressed, and talked about Katitawa School and the SKY Ecuador project to the other teachers. As a result, you decided to give us some much needed help.

Yesterday an envelope was delivered to our office from the Woodlands Primary School with a letter and a check for 472.91 pounds. I cannot begin to thank you enough for the fantastic effort you guys made to make this contribution. But I will start with a big Thank You, Thank You and a thousand more.

So you see....one person can change things. So thank you Mrs. Randall for your son David. I understand he is returning this December for a few weeks.

According to the letter that came with the check we are honored that you will continue to support our school and I would like to suggest that we get to know each other, student to student, via the Internet when school starts again in September. In the meantime I invite you to read our blog....www.katitawa.blogspot.com I am making a special page called the "Woodlands Primary School Connection. Check it out.

Thank you again and we will be in touch.

Con CoriƱo,


Here are a couple of pictures that I received from David showing some of the promotion that was done on our behalf.

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