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What Do The Volunteers Do On The Weekend?.....A ride down the Napo?....Why Not!

A great trip.
I'll drink to that!

Vacation School Begins At The Library


The First Experiment With The Zip Line


Australian Intercultural Exchage

Here at Katitawa, the kids have an extraordinary opportunity to live their geography lessons. We have volunteers from many different countries throughout the year and each week we have a program called,Intercultural Exchange.

In the text book, there may be a paragraph devoted to different countries, while here the kids learn about real people and their lives....Customs, foods, animals, social differences and a whole lot more.

This week we had four volunteers from Australian.

Big "79"....The best one yet.

Someone thought I needed a new pair of pants.

Woodlands Primary School Connection

First a few words about the Woodlands Primary School, taken from their web page at Woodlands first opened as a Primary School in September 2000 and the Woodlands community is proud of the firm but caring discipline and high standards of achievement.

Woodlands Primary School is a Hertfordshire County, mixed ability, co-educational, day Primary School for children 3-11 years. There are currently places for 270 children in the main school.

The head teacher is Mrs. J. Woods. If you would like to visit the school, do so by contacting Mrs. Woods at 0208-953-2717 or by E-mail:

And now the "Connection"....On Monday we received a check from the Woodlands Primary School for 472.91 pounds, with a cover letter showing what it was covering.

I also received an e-mail from a volunteer who had been here for three months at the end of 2010, who advised me that the check was coming and that there was going to be a school assembly o…

Marilou's And Natalie's Last Day....Love is a many splendered thing.

As is customary, when a volunteer leaves we have a little ritual that we perform. When the kids see me come out with a medal or two they all want to be the one that presents it to their favorite volunteer. It has become a little game where I wait until the last minute to choose who will do the honors.

For Marilou, I knew that Louis really wanted to give it and when I called on him he kind of fell apart.
For Natalie, Jenny had begged me for the honors.

These three pictures show the love shared between the volunteer and the child.