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Lachlan's Farm Begins In Ernest

Two of our new volunteers, who had read about Lochlan's farm, showed up with some chickens and ducks. Now you can't have ducks without a pond so we are now finishing up Lochland's Pond.

First we had to leval the area. Next, build a wall.
Create the form. Add water and two ducks...Presto, a pond with ducks.
In our our quest to find plastic the right size, we setteled for a used piece that was guarenteed to be free of holes. When we filled the pond, the next day it was empty. Haste does make waste.

We have now replaced the old and now it is working great. (Pictures soon.)

New Puppet Theatre At The Library


You Did It! The Forest Is Part Of The Katitawa School For The Next Five Years.

A Thousands Thanks to all of you who sent in the donations to save this beautiful forest. I was thrilled when I saw the donation by two of our volunteers who were here a year ago. One day we were short $355 and on Easter Eve we had the $500.

I met with the owners today and they will draw up the lease agreement and as of the 15th of April it will be legally ours to use and enjoy until 2015. They will also work out a price for the property that will be well below the $10,000 that they gave me a few months ago. We will wait and see what they come up with.

Thanks again for your help.

The forest that we want to save is to the right of the pre-school classroom.
This is that same classroom and forest 12 years ago.