Friday, November 20, 2009

Progression of our Storage Room!

We´ve had some exciting developments in the storage room renovation. In the past couple of weeks we´ve managed to clear almost everything out of the room (interesting things found included a collection of jeans and shoes, two books of slides, minutes of meetings from 20 years ago, and lots and lots of bugs!). We´ve scrubbed the walls and the ceiling and have bought all the paint, rollers and brushes. The walls will be a lovely sunny orange, and the ceiling, which we hope to start painting today, will be coated with a fresh layer of white paint. Photos of the decorated room will hopefully be up soon, but for now, here is a photo of our clean(ish) scrubbed and swept room. Keep looking for updates, and thanks once again to all the generous donators. We still need some more funds to buy floor tiles so please do keep giving!

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