Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lachlan's Farm Soon To Be A Reality.

Why Lachlan's Farm?

In the summer of 2009 Greta Gilliss from Scotland was volunteering here in Salasaca when she received news that her cousin was killed....Here is her story.

"Lachlan Gillies 1992-2009
Our cousin Lachlan died mid 2009 as a result of a road accident in our home country, Scotland. He was only 17 years old. He was much loved by his friends and family and a real smarty too (he got the joint dux of his school that year). He was about to embark on a year of travel before starting his university studies in science.

My brother, Arran and I were in South America when we heard of his death and I was working at Katitawa. A few weeks before this, Robert mentioned he'd like some animals at the school and remembering this I asked my brother if he'd like to help me provide the start-up funds for a wee animal farm in Lachlan's memory. He said yes, then came to Katitawa getting started on the area, making protections for the trees. A farm was particularly significant for us too because we were all brought up on one. Lachlan had also been considering travelling in South America, so it was like he actually made it here.

Personal reasons aside a self sustaining farm would be great for the school, providing food for school lunches; produce to sell and helping educate the kids about animals. Really, its a win win situation, we remember someone by doing something positive. Shouldn't that always be the way?"


After several months of delays because of the other projects we have been working on, we are ready to start on the Farm.

We will begin fencing the area and then introduce a couple of burros, sheep, and goats. We will move the chicken coup up from the garden area and start raising chicken once more. All of the animals will be untethered inside the area.

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