Saturday, March 14, 2009

Waterless Toilets And How It works

At the present time we have two waterless toilets where we used to have one standard issue that emptied into a 50 gallon drum about 20 meters from the bathroom. Although the area where the water draind did not have a problem with odors it was at times more like a swamp; However the plants in the area thrived. The bathroom did have a residual smell that was not plesent, but not too offensive either. I assumed that the smell came from the shower drain that was a vent for the homemade septic tank.

Today, with the two toilets being used by about thirty adults and children, the only smell is from the sawdust that is used to cover the deposits each time they are made.

The smaller toilet, on the left, will be moved to a new bathroom that is being made for use by the children under five or six years old, and can be supervised and trained on the fine are of sawdust use.

In the area behind the toilets, extra buckets are stored. When you have three or four full containers it is time to take them to the compost bins.

The red container holds the sawdust that is used to cover each deposit. The finer the sawdust the beter it works and the smaller the amount necessary to keep out flies and prevent odor.


What To Do With Three Buckets Of ....

The composting bins are the most important part of this whole project. It is important that the material is stored in a way that you don't create a health hazzard by poluting the area surrounding the composting area and an attraction for flies.



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  1. Nice to see one of the projects finally coming to fruition. Remember the long discussions over this but nice to see it coming to fruition and then media interest!

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