Thursday, January 1, 2009

Last Year Was Great....The New Year Will be Better.

Every year at this time it seems fitting to reflect a little on the last 12 months and think a little about the future. Each year, it seems that the year has just flown by, but when you start to add up all of the things that have transpired it is hard to believe that all of that could have happened in just 12 short months. The months seem to fly by but the years go by slowly....I think Scott Peck wrote something to that effect in one of his books.

This past year we have had 41 different volunteers who have come for a week, or two, or 10, and gave of their time to help in whatever capacity that they were needed. Without their help we would not have the successes that we have had. We thank you all.

This past year we have had the good fortune to receive enough donations to keep the foundation out of debt. Some of these donations have come from long time friends, other donations have been from friends and families of some of our volunteers, and others....From total strangers who happened upon this blog, evidently liked what they read, and were drawn to the donate button. For whatever reason, we thank you.

The community of Manguiwa offered us their Community Building to house our volunteers. The cost is almost free. We have just moved the Rosa Maria Library into one of the rooms on the lower level. Also on the first floor we are holding English classes every afternoon. At present we have more than 20 kids attending three different classes.

It has been a wonderful year with no regrets.

For 2009, we will continue with the work that we have started. We have more projects then we have time or money. There will be lots of challenges, but that is how you grow. Come join us if you can, if that is not possible, then just keep reading the blog.

We would like to invite any and all who travel to Baños to stop by and see what we are doing. If we have room you are also welcome to spend the night.


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