New Look For The Football Pitch

A few weeks ago now, a couple of guys, (Michael and Kit), from the UK, decided to revamp the football pitch……For those from the US, that would be “the soccer Field. The goals are now more realistic for the size of the field
and can be removed when we install basketball hoops, to make the space more versatile. We will also include a removable volley ball net in the center as Ecuavoly, a game played with three players on each side, is popular all over Ecuador.
Louise, another volunteer from the UK is weaving one of the nets to give pitch an official look. Kit, the co-designer and grounds-keeper stops by with Sam, a Volunteer from the USA, and discusses the urgency of the job because of the big game scheduled for 1:30. Kit asks Sam to learn the fine arts of netmaking from Louise and get started on the net at the other end of the pitch.

It is almost 1:30, and the big game between Ecuador and Japan is about to start.

The National Anthem has been sung.
The fans in the bleachers are ready.

The teams are ready.

The Ref has his instructions....

And is ready for the toss of the coin to see what goal and whatever else they decide.



And the game is on.


  1. Hope the pitch is holding up well! Best Wishes to everyone at katitawa.



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