The Christmas Program Was A Big Hit.

The big day arrived with a sky full of clouds and it looked like it would rain at any time; however, by 10:00 the sky was clearing and it was another buitiful day here at Katitawa. As usual the program, although slated to begin at 10, finally got underway around 11:30.

There was a mass scheduled to start the program, but the priest apparently had something better to do and we started without him. Sam, one of the volunteers from the USA who had left a few weeks eariler, came back for the presentation. He served a local beverage to the guests while they were waiting.
Some of the invited guests were from a preschool that is operated by the state and occupies the same complex where we house the volunteers. They were getting a little bored waiting since the group arrived by truck right on time.
The first part of the was a re-enactment of the event that that a large part of the world celebrates every year....The birth of Jesus.
Joseph and Mary arrive at the inn only to find that there was no room. They were advised that they could staye in the stable with the sheep which they accepted.
Later that evening Mary gave birth to a child and an angel appeared announcing that a child was born and was the son of God.
Mary appears in the stable and says, "His name is Jesus."
It isn't long before the kings arrive looking for the star. They see it on top of the stable and bring in their gifts.
A short time later a cow comes bringing some milk. A chicken with some eggs, and a lamb with some wool.