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Rufino Masaquiza Rejoins The Staff At Katitawa.

Rufino Masaquiza was teaching as a volunteer here at Katitawa when the school was first started more than 10 years ago.

Today, thanks to a donation from one of the readers of this blog who has guaranteed the salary for one year, we were able to bring him back to the benefit of a new generation.

Rufino will be teaching once again Kichwa, traditional music, arts and crafts.

Welcome back.

Illiniza Sur.....Showed its self.

Illiniza Sur, about 55 Km southwest of Quito was visiable on the walk to school a few days ago. Illiniza is a dormat stratovolcano and is 5,246 meters elevation.

Sumak Kawsay Yachay Will Have A New Home.

The foundation Sumak Kawsay Yachay will have a new home. Click on the title of this post for the rest of the story.

New Headquarters For Sumak Kawasay Yachay

Today we started to clean our new headquarters for SKY. We anticipate to be moved in by the 26th of October.

The building is located in the barrio of Mangiwa de Katitawa, which is the barrio where the Katitawa School is located. The building belongs to the community and has been vacant for some time.
Marcelo Masaquiza, the president of the community offered the building to the foundation, in recognition of the work that we have been doing at the school, which can be used as needed. All we need to do is pay for the electricity and water. In the coming year there may be a small fee....Not to exceed $50 per month.
We plan to use the second leval to house the volunteers and the lower leval will be the new home of the Rosa Maria Library- We will also have space for our afternoon English classes and after school "Homework" help for students who live in Salasaca and need a little extra help in various subjects.

We will also offer a high speed Internet connection for use of the communit…

Katitawa Recycling Center Is Open For Business.

Every once in a while we get a volunteer who wants to do something and they just can't be stopped. Jannick from France is one. He saw a great deal of recyclable material littering the road that we traveled each morning and asked if he could get the kids involved in a recycling project here at the school. Remembering a past project where we ended up with a room full of trash and nowhere to get rid of it....I said sure, as long as we have all the bases covered so that we can complete the cycle.

Yannick did his research well and told me that he was told of a place in Ambato that may accept plastic, which is the biggest problem. I said "that's wonderful", Jannick said, "when can we check it out?". I said, "maybe next week". Yannick said, "which day?". I said, "maybe Wednesday"- The next Tuesday, Yannick asked, "tomorrow, right? So we went. That is not exactly the conversation as he was a little more persistent.

The visit to the …

It's Yannick's Time To Say Goodbye....Sooner than expected.

Yannick's last day.

The letters and gifts are presented.

The traditional "Thank You" speach by Luis

The "Goodbyes" have been said....And the school bus is leaving.

The Old Bus Just Can't Make It Up The Hill Anymore.

The old VW is getting tired....And the last hill is just too much, so the kids have to get out and walk the last 100 meters. If we don't have anymore troubles then this the children will survive. It does make a nice picture and a little exercise will do them good.

Erika, Gave A Six Week Painting Class To Two Past Graduates Of Katitawa.


It's Saturday....Time for a break.

The last few days have been sunny and warm....Sometimes even hot. I came to the school today to do a few chores, like let the chickens out of the coop, water the garden because we have had no rain for several days, and just hang out enjoying the solitude.

As it turned out, the chickens were already out, which makes me wonder if they were ever in. I found the cistern low and started to fill it, which means I must block off the water in the small canal. I started the pump and went up to water the garden but the water only came in spurts and a lot of air. After an hour of this I walked back down and found that someone had removed the blockage and even emptied the small sandbag I had used and took the bag.

Walking back up the hill, a little ticked, I looked at the forest of pines, which grow at the exact hammock width, and thought....Why not.

I let the chickens out of their pen, Hung my hammock.
And climbed in.
A look to the right.
A look ahead.
A look to the left.
A look up above and went to slee…