Saturday, August 30, 2008

School Starts On The 1st Of September....This is one project we would like to finish.

The area just outside the Kitchen/Dining Room is a popular place to gather and even eat lunch when the weather is nice. The problem is that it is a constant source of fine black sand that is tracked inside.
For more than a year we have been talking about making some changes that will make it cleaner and more attractive. At the end of the vacation classes we decided it was time.

After 14 days of constant work we are almost finished when the students return on the 1st but certainly by Wednesday or Thursday.

We needed to build a couple retaining walls, one to keep the sand from moving on down the hill when it rains and another to keep it from entering the new patio area. For this we needed a load of large rocks. I arrived one morning with a truck load of rocks, direct from a quarry near Ambato, only to find that the irrigation water distribution point had overflowed during the night cutting a two foot deep trench in the road, exactly where the left wheels of the truck would need a very solid piece of ground.

I walked to the short distance to the school and brought back a couple and the driver and myself set to work. If you know truck drivers, at least the ones that I have had experience with like to drive, not did. But this guy was great....We dug for an hour before we could pass and at one point I donated a few rocks to make sure we could pass with out danger of sinking into the soft sand.
Jessie, a volunteer from Florida was waiting at the school and shot these pictures of our arrival.

Things are taking shape....Slowly.


  1. Hi, My name is Laura Moreno and I'm interested in finding out more information regarding volunteering with your organization. My sister and I will be in Quito, Ecuador in October through December. Please email me at Thank you. Best, Laura

  2. Hello, My name is Dayana Paula and I am very interested in finding out more information regarding volunteering with your organization. I would be interested for September 2009. I can stay for the entire school year. Please email me at I would appreciate it.
    Best wishes, Dayana